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Thumbs up High Definition Texture Pack by An7hraX

Vorne weg, ich bin faul und deswegen poste ich hier nur die readme. Ich bitte euch die mod ausschließlich hier zu diskutieren und nicht zu klauen bzw. in anderen Foren zu releasen. Vielen Dank! An7hraX

Need For Speed Undercover™

High Definition Texture Pack

This patch modifies the textures in a way how they actually should have been, sharp and crispy. Primary I changed nearly all ground textures, borders, vegetation and even some traffic signs, buildings & props. The texture sizes are untouched to ensure best performance. Some guys complained about the excessive High-Dynamic-Range effects in the game, I think they look quite neat with some colorcorrection, so I included the EnbSeries hack from Boris Vorontsov with an adapted config. !!! Caution !!! PUNKBUSTER can kick/ban you for using the d3d9.dll during online matches !


_____Original_____|____HD Patch_____

Ein YouTube Preview folgt...

Filename        NFSUC_HD_PATCH.rar
File Size       224.00 MB (234,885,818 Bytes)
Uploaded by     An7hraX
Date Added      Tuesday, November 25, 2008 01:07 AM


1. Place all the content to "C:\Programs\EA Games\Need For Speed Undercover"

2. Open TexMod, click on the folder icon and point to your "nfs.exe"

3. Make sure to run in Package Mode and select the "NFSUC_HD_PATCH.tpf" in your "..*\Need For Speed Undercover" folder

4. Run the game using TexMod and hav phun !


Boris V.
Black Box Studios
EA Games
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