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Neuigkeiten von der E3: Das Fahrerprofil in NfS Shift

Hallo zusammen,
auf der aktuell laufenden Electronic Entertainment Expo in Amerika gab es neue Informationen zum Fahrerprofil von NfS Shift. So wie es aussieht, soll die Fahrweise in verschiedenen Rennen eure Gegner beeinflussen und sie entweder dazu bewegen, euch zu rammen oder zu respektieren. Durch alle Aktionen auf der Rennstrecke kann man Punkte sammeln, die dann ins Fahrerprofil einfließen.
Also haben sie anscheinend das aktuelle System aus NfS Undercover ein wenig aufgebohrt?

Earlier on Monday, EA SVP and Professional Race Driver Patrick Soderlund took to the E3 stage to present the latest Need for Speed SHIFT video; this one focussing on what we're calling the Driver Profile. After watching the video we spoke with Jesse Abney to dig into a little more depth about the newly-revealed game mechanics for Need for Speed SHIFT.
Tell us more about the Driver Profile system?
's all about who you are behind the wheel? The evolution as a race driver from event to event that reflects who you are on the track. Will you be feared or respected? This persona is shaped by tactics used in the race, be it aggressive driving or precise driving, presenting degrees of who you are, playing this personality up throughout the interface and game presentation.
How do this relate to scoring?
Every action on the track to gain course position is shaped by key gameplay moments against Online and AI racers. Profile Actions add up to Driver Profile points, Star rewards gained for podium finishes are tied to performance unlocks and a Driver Level systemic all rolls up into the Driver Profile.
What is the Driver Level?
Driver Level is the trigger for all vehicle and customization unlocks throughout the career. This progression triggers Discipline Challenges specific to skill-related events. The connection great games build through a character’s growth over a career is something we wanted to express in NFS. Tying this into our system for performance customization gives the player another set of goals to reach for.
Does points affect the Online experience?
Driver Profile points can be earned playing in Online, Career or in a Quick Race. They will always earn points and become a better driver regardless of where they are racing, even playing the demo released later in Summer.
What other elements are tracked in the Driver Profile?
Driver telemetry is a statistical and visual analysis of the driver’s achievements: cars passed, corners mastered, every cleanly-driven section is shown on the 'In The Zone' meter during every event. Race Badges are earned for reaching milestones, cash rewards, and all career unlocks available.
What are badges?
Badges are in-game rewards for completing set driver objectives within each race. The collection of badges provide immediate recognition of a racers accomplishments during Online competition. They are also added to the player’s Sticker Gallery and available in Visual Customization.
How many badges can be earned?
There are over 200 racing milestones to be earned. A certain number are attainable during Career; more for Quick Races and rounded out by competing Online. There are trophies and achievements based on how many badges the player earns. Many simulation games become a grind. SHIFT’s multiple reward systems are meant to keep players in each regardless of their position. Learning how-to drive, getting practice in the track, progressing their Profile points, and earning rewards that keep the fun factor high.

Hier könnt ihr den Trailer anschauen, von dem in dem Interview die Rede ist: >>Video<<
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