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    The mouth of New York City talk - Spitting dust from streets to sidewalks. Song : Truth (SR-71)
    I'm not afraid of tomorrow - I'm only scared of myself - Feels like my insides are are on on fire - And I'm looking through the eyes of someone else. Song: Tomorrow (SR-71)
    Nobody knows me, nobody can see me, nobody hears me, but they know I'm here. I'm so mysterious !!!
    Now I understand - It's Something I understand - Some things I understand. Song : Broken Handed (SR-71)
    I can be as humble as the next guy - Or I can blink and make you crumble from the inside. Song : They all fall down (SR-71)
    A life is living / Learning - There's so much more for you to know. Song : The best is yet to come (SR-71).


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